Sunday, 4 January 2015

Heading home ...

We finished packing up and started heading home around 1:00pm.

Nick needed to work on Monday and we weren't sure what the traffic would be like heading back toward Melbourne.

Although Bandit is sitting upright in the photo, he spent a lot of the homeward trip dozing!

For a dog who was originally scared of Elmer Fudd and the caravan, he has adapted very well to camping life.  He was well-behaved while away and only barked a few times - either in response to other dogs or if he deemed someone had encroached on our space.

Bandit has a chair in the lounge-room at home and another in his sleeping area, so there are plans to convert one of older camping chairs for his use when we are away. I'm hoping he might prefer to sleep on the chair, rather than shuffling from bottom bunk to floor throughout the night!

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