Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year, new adventures!

We were away a total of 83 nights in 2014.  (You can see an overview on our "Highlights!" page).

For the record, that's our biggest achievement so far! 

(Our previous 2010 record was a total of 55 nights away).

I'm not sure how we'll do this year but we are keen to start our annual tally, so headed off to the Victorian "high country" on the second day of the year!  It was a very hot and Nick was working at home, so packing was slow but we were eventually ready for departure - at 4:47pm!

You can see the bed under its plastic cover in the photo.  At this stage Vaughan's bike, our chairs, tables and other items travel sort-of stacked in the van.  I made better use of the cupboards this trip and happily cups etc stayed put due to Nick's good work installing proper caravan locking handles. We are still deciding on the best method of stowing other larger equipment. 

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