Sunday, 4 January 2015

Keeping dry - and getting wet ...

The rain had started at some late hour soon after we went to bed, when Nick and I finally finished our Super Scrabble game. (As usual, Nick won but there were only eight points between us)! 

Anyway, I digress ...

Given our caravan leaked at home we were very thankful it hadn't leaked during the night - and extra appreciative that the rain stopped before we got up (later) in the morning!

Vaughan would have stayed in bed even later but one of his new friends had ridden up, seeking to make good on his promise to play Magic cards.  The boys played their game and rode their bikes together, before the other family departed for home.  It was around mid-morning when we made our way down to the river for a last swim.  Vaughan had found another spot, a little higher up-river and we all tested the water. 

After a while, Bandit and Nick walked back to our campsite but Vaughan and I stayed a bit longer.  We returned to our "foot fountain" spot and enjoyed the natural spa as our Howqua River finale.  We got out reluctantly.

Vaughan spotted this lizard and tried to catch her.  She eluded him despite his best efforts, so he wasn't impressed to leave the river bank!

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