Friday, 9 January 2015

Packing pride?!

Since returning from our recent weekend away, I've been pondering how best to streamline our packing for future breaks.

I decided I could keep a few clothes in the van, so as I've been washing I set aside a small pile - which happens to be co-ordinated!

There are two drawers under what was once a wardrobe - and I've claimed one.  It's not huge (560 x360 x90mm) and I was a bit doubtful that I'd fit everything I wanted but I managed.   I expect we'll generally head off for a weekend and therefore won't need too much, though the Victorian weather is variable! 

I've included socks, underwear, a pair each of jeans and long shorts, a light jumper, polar-fleece vest and sloppy-joe, jamies, sarong, two singlet tops and a long-sleeved cotton shirt to wear as sun protection.  (I'm fair-skinned, burn easily and don't particularly like being coated in sunscreen, so have a couple of men's cotton business shirts that are very handy when out in the sun - especially in the really hot places we go).

I reckon the leopard-print hat, purchased at Charleville, will be fine to wear swimming but I'll probably store that separately in a bag with our swimmers and beach towels.  (We tend to keep our wet weather gear in a plastic tub and I think I'll put a set of thermals in there).

Vaughan was watching me fiddling to trim the poster and asked what I was doing.  I said I was lining the drawer - and then laughed hugely when I realised I was also lion-ing the drawer!!

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