Friday, 16 January 2015

First camp at Firth ...

The end of the last year was busy with various social and school activities.

Although Nick, Vaughan and I had driven out near Trentham to look at a free camping area fairly close to home, it was another month or so before we were organised to stay there.

It was a fair while after filling the water tank before we left home.  Some co-ordinates were given to the GPS and we set off.  (I should note the entered co-ordinates were not exact, which led to later difficulties)!

We remembered the Pig & Whistle Hotel from our previous trip but it is on a crossroads and we weren't entirely sure which road we travelled on at the time.  As it happened it was not the same road we used on this occasion!  Anyway.  After some discussion, wrong turns and corrections - along with Vaughan's negative commentary - we finally rolled into camp around 9:00pm.

On arrival we did a lap of the campground to choose the best available space, which happened to be near the horse corrals.  There was already a camper van set up, parallel to the bollards - and we orientated ourselves at a right angle to it, more or less evenly spaced between that party and a car belonging to another group of campers.  Once we were in place, a lady walked over to access her car and complimented us on our good work in the dark!

We sorted ourselves out fairly quickly - and I was very pleased of a fully cooked dinner of rice and Mexican-ish beef in the thermal cooker!

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