Sunday, 11 January 2015

Spouting off!

Nick re-fitted the caravan water tank this morning.  That is, it's back in place under the van but there's a bit more work to be done. 

A 2-litre PET bottle was used to test the pump-tap and we were pleased to see it operational.  It can now be connected to the tank, using the new water hose.

We'll need to go back to Masters (or Bunnings) and buy a replacement water filling hose.  Nick inspected it more closely today.  He had thought it was a black hose but it's a clear hose filled with muck.  Eeeww!

We've ordered a new water filler inlet hatch.  As you can see, the existing one is quite cracked.  

The replacement filler inlet should arrive on Thursday and then can be fitted, with a new hose to ensure our clean water remains uncontaminated on it's way to the tank. 

We may have water on tap for our next trip!  How civilised!

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