Friday, 16 January 2015

Water on tap!

Since returning from our Sheepyard Flat weekend, Nick has set himself the task of achieving one modification or repair to our van - prior to each trip.

His first mission was to have the water tank fit for use.  The hose from tank to tap was replaced and the tank cleaned

During the week a new filler inlet hatch arrived.  While out and about today, I returned to Masters and bought a new hose to run from the inlet to the tank. 

Once home again, I showed Nick the purchase.  We'd already planned to head off to try a free camping area fairly close to home but Nick was keen to fit the hose before leaving.  It was a struggle because the hose was slightly smaller than the connecting points - so hot water and lots of oomph were necessary!  Once the inlet was affixed and the new hose in place, Nick filled the tank.  Erin was called upon to hold the funnel steady. 

Our home tank holds a mix of rain and bore water.  Currently the ratio of bore water is high.  It is not pleasant-tasting and we don't drink it.  The caravan tank water is intended for washing up and similar uses.  We will still take a separate supply of drinking water.

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