Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cobar Cat Camp!

It was around 4pm when we rolled in to Cobar - pretty much 12 hours since we'd set off from home. 

Oscar has never been camping, so he was very intrigued by our gear - and the rest of us were amused watching his antics.  He was allowed to explore (under close supervision) for a little while and then enjoyed a snack on top of the trailer - safe from harm and happy keeping an eye on us and his new surroundings.  We put up our larger tent quite quickly. It took a lot longer to set up the ensuite for Oscar!

Our site was only a short distance from the camp kitchen.  While we were fine-tuning the tents, Erin cooked our Aldi chicken kebabs and assembled the crunchy salad. 

I'd also purchased long-life sachets of microwaveable flavoured rice.  Let's say they were an "interesting" addition to the meal!  Although the sachets don't require refrigeration and only take a couple of minutes in the microwave, the contents were not particularly appealing so I doubt we'd bother buying them again!

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