Thursday, 6 February 2014

Game for a (long) drive?!

It's a long haul from Hamby Home(in)stead to Yowah - around 1,340km. 

We'll make a very early start on our first day because we are hoping to stay overnight at Cobar, which is just under 800km from home. 

(When we still lived on the Central Coast, Byrock was our overnight stop en route to Yowah - a 700km drive on our first day).  I've previously mentioned our unplugged mode of travel.  Elmer still doesn't have a stereo system and though we bought a portable DVD player just before Christmas, it is used to play audio books.  We'll probably have it in the car this trip but I've prepared other activities also. 

The internet is a wonderful thing.  So many generous people sharing lots of free resources!  I've revamped Vaughan's activity book (originally made in preparation for our Lightning Ridge trip).  Erin was envious of his activities, so this time I made two books.  She may not want to do some things but it won't hurt to have spares. 

What's in the books?  Quite a good selection - I hope!
  • Bingo cards and road trip scavenger sheets from Moms Minivan
  • Several activity sheets from Playdough to Plato's "Road Trip Activity Pack"
  • My Australian variation of two number plate games that were mentioned on several American sites.
  • Supplies for sheep and snake finger puppets
  • Flip-books to cut out and assemble, sourced mainly from here
  • Some cartoon boxes Erin had previously printed
  • Directions for drawing Dr Seuss characters
  • Origami papers and instructions
  • Custom Yowah word search puzzles, using this neat website!

I also found a book of tangram puzzles that I prepared for a train journey in 2012.  I spotted the cardboard tangram pieces last week but unfortunately didn't grab them at the time.  If I don't see them again in the next day or so, I'll make another set.

As I've been hunting through boxes looking for many MIA items I've found a few small activity books, so will include them for the trip.  We generally take both the "Where's Wally?" and "Fantasy Quests" puzzle books. 

I also rediscovered my copy of "Read and Write on the Road", a free printable booklet with ideas for games beyond "I spy" (which does get tedious well before the first 100km has been travelled) - and I expect I'll need as much inspiration as possible!

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