Sunday, 16 February 2014


Elmer has quite a deep compartment between the front seats.  I re-packed it this morning, to check all was as it should be for our on-the-road adventuring.

Motion sickness medication has a high-priority as most of us suffer to some degree.  I'm OK as long as I don't read in the car, which was always interesting in the pre-GPS days!  Erin generally takes the ginger tablets prior to travel and occasionally Vaughan will ask for one of the homeopathic lollypops.  (If Nissa is with us, she prefers Kwells which is what I was always given as a child, smashed up in a teaspoon of honey)!

The quality of rest-stop facilities varies widely and we always carry loo paper, soap and hand sanitiser with us.  Used soaps are stored in a small plastic container that my hair-ties were packaged in.  I've very recently remembered to include a small hand-towel (once owned by my Granny)!

I was thinking about toilet paper this morning.  As you do.  I remembered Mum sending me a couple of printed squares in one of her letters, while I was an exchange student in Kenya.  My first host family already considered me an oddity because I used loo paper but my reputation for oddness increased after that letter.  I'm not sure which aspect caused the most amusement - the fact that my mother had sent toilet paper or that we would buy it printed with little yellow ducks! 

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