Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Leading into departure ...

We weren't really expecting to take Oscar to Yowah.  He has looked so frail at various points that Nick suggested I prepare his obituary at the same time as I wrote Sunny's!

Our departure is looming now and Oscar is looking fairly healthy - albeit rather odd with his almost fully clipped appearance.  Last time we enquired about cat-boarding, the cost per week was more than double our rent for Louie's shack.  There were extra charges to administer medication.  Our budget is fairly tight and the cheapest option was to bring Oscar with us (after gaining Louie's OK). 

We tested some cage configurations today.  When we relocated to Victoria, our various animals travelled in the "menagerie car"

This time Oscar and Keegan will be back-seat passengers, along with Erin and Vaughan.  (When chatting with Nissa, she was relieved not to be coming on this trip and having to share seating with our animal companions)!   In the interests of comfort, I bought some vanilla air freshener while shopping - just in case!  I also gave some thought to seat protection and remembered some rubber-backed curtaining in the storage container.  It's not pristine but perfectly suitable for use under/behind the cages.  I was able to cut two large pieces (and later cut slits for the seat belts).

We found Oscar's harness today.  He doesn't really like it but won't have to wear it much.  It's more a safety measure.  (The actual lead is missing, so Erin offered the use of Keegan's leash instead - cos Keegan definitely didn't respond well to being on a lead)!

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