Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hopping mad?!

Vaughan had fond memories of our night-time frogging efforts on our last visit to Yowah.  He was keen for us to go out "like old times"!

There had been steady rain through the day so we went for a drive after dinner - to see if any frogs were out and about.

There was much laughter as both Vaughan and Erin leapt out of the car to capture various frogs on the road.

Some proved more elusive than others and taking photos was a challenge! 

Vaughan brought one to see me and it jumped onto my knee and then onto the door frame en route to Elmer's roof-rack.  It moved very quickly and eluded several attempts at recapture, causing considerable amusement! 

Just before heading home for the night, we stopped in front of our neighbour's house and set his dogs barking, causing Fred to investigate all the noise - in case we were opal buyers!  

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