Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ant-icipated reference book?!

My reference library didn't have an insect book - until now! 

As part of her captive animal studies, Erin volunteers at Museum Victoria.  (Yes, the museum does keep live animals)!  We met some of her lovely work colleagues at the end-of-year Christmas party but didn't think to ask about bug-books. 

On Wednesday Erin sought advice from one of the entomologists - who is also a fine BBQ-chef and maker of eggnog - and he recommended the field guide at right. (He made a second recommendation also but I haven't yet been able to source the two-volume set).

Always keen for a bargain, I sourced the best price online.  eBay had a listing for $30.99 (including postage) but the delivery time didn't leave much margin for delay.  However, I could buy directly from the seller's website, for $26.99, with guaranteed fast delivery.  (Hah!  I've checked just now and in the space of five days, the price has increased to $27.89)!

I ordered the book well after business hours on Wednesday night and received the parcel pick-up notice on Friday - so was well pleased with the prompt service and despatch.  I collected my new bug-book yesterday, with Erin and Vaughan in tow. Vaughan very quickly claimed our latest guide and was happily flicking through pages on the way home, commenting about which insects we had seen and what we might see while in Yowah this trip. 

Erin's museum colleagues have asked us to photograph anything "cool" - and we might be asked to post some specimens back to them! 

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