Thursday, 27 February 2014

Stacks of fun ...

We like the rock stacks at Yowah and have made quite a few of our own during our other visits.

Erin and Vaughan made more rock stacks this evening when we spent an hour at the Bluff after dumping some rubbish at the tip. 

It was pleasant to wander about in the early evening, looking at the neatly camouflaged grasshoppers and admiring various flowers (as well as interesting wasp-like insects buzzing among the bushes).


  1. Gosh it really is another world out there. Red dirt, red dust, red clay, clay, clay and more clay! Keep the posts and the photos coming, It is such an education for a city chick like me!!!

  2. I love the red dirt, Nammo - there is always a sense of coming home when I get out amongst it. As kids my brother and I were quite blonde and we would have bull-dust fights that turned our hair apricot-coloured! ;)