Sunday, 2 February 2014

A few words on writing!

I'm not sufficiently dedicated to keep a full journal every day - although there were times in my life that I did so. 

When we first started camping, there was a lot going on behind the scenes and I started to keep a travel diary - to record happy times. 

Last year I made a perpetual card journal, similar to the one here.  (I used an old-fashioned font and printed the cards, rather than buying a stamp. It was a bit of a fiddle but I didn't really have much use for a date-stamp)!

My cards are larger because a) I struggle to write ten words or less; and b) I particularly wanted to use the wooden box you see in the photo!  What's so special about the box? Well, aside from the silliness of the label, Nick and I bought it full of dinner knives when preparing for our wedding. We bought 60 small wine glasses too. The glasses were $30.00 and the knives were cheaper. Both had come from a reception centre and ended up in a recycled building supplies warehouse!  (We had actually gone looking to buy a door, I think).

I've successfully used the perpetual journal every day since 2 November 2012 and hope to continue for many years to come. On our recent four-night Wagga trip, I slipped the appropriate dated cards into my larger journal and then restored them to their box after returning home.

At the moment I'm using the leather-bound latched journal.  It was bought during our visit to Ironfest in 2012.  A lovely friend gifted me the peacock book and it will be next to be used, so will come away with me.

Our next trip will be much longer and I didn't want to take my full journal box, so today tried to find a suitable alternative from various options at home. The best fit was this photo box, which was still flat-packed in it's wrapping.  There's a fair bit of space left but I'll take my spare journal and a small notebook also. 

The pink dragonfly book is my current gratitude journal.  I started keeping one a year ago and like to put the day's highlights in short-form.  I'll start a new one for our time away because the pink one is nearly full.  It's two predecessors are also in the wooden box.  One was a gift (from Paris!) and the other was bought for 50c from an op-shop.  The little dragonfly book was also an op-shop bargain and I expect to find another very soon!

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