Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Star stretches!

Although I've seen a chiropractor on a monthly basis for nearly 19 years, my level of care has increased significantly since our relocation. Initially I had bi-weekly treatment, then weekly and now fortnightly (after several months of the more intense frequency). 

My back is very curved (a "gross disfigurement" as one radiographer rather rudely commented). The curvature has increased and is causing other issues, so I'm trying hard to be more pro-active about stretching and holding myself as straight as possible - as well as maintaining a regular treatment program.

Exercise isn't my best thing but I need to use the blue roller each day.  That routine will be even more important due to the length of time we'll be away (with less frequent adjustments).  I have the name of a chiropractor at Charleville but given it is a 660km round-trip from Yowah, I won't be going every two weeks!

Throughout the past year or so (since being assigned the stretching routine), I've had diligent periods but more often I've been slack.  I've tried a few approaches but found it difficult to maintain consistency. 

As a kid in early primary school I was highly motivated by gold stars.  I didn't mind the silver ones and was quite ho-hum about the coloured variety.  Gold stars worked for me, so several weeks ago I bought some to see if they would still work now as encouragement for my regime of back stretches/exercises.  Hah - success!  Since implementing the gold star system I have 20 consecutive stars in my diary.  (All nicely lined up, of course)!

I bought silver stars also, so there was some recognition of attempting the exercises without doing them in full.  My lovely chiropractor asked if I got them for thinking about using the roller! 

We'll have one night in transit on the way up and are planning a few camping trips while away.  I don't want to miss any stars, so asked Nick to pack some mats separately for easy access.  The roller is uncomfortable enough, without trying to use it (or roll off it) on bare/stony ground!


  1. Do you get a bronze star for just thinking about exercise? Actually I probably wouldn't even get a bronze star!!!

  2. I (very neatly) glued two little envelopes into my diary - one for gold stars and the other for silver. Three envelopes would probably upset my sense of symmetry! ;)