Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pizza Pizzaz!

Last Christams Santa delivered a pizza stone and rather neat smiley face cutting wheel.

We had already been making our own pizza dough for about 12 months prior to that delivery - and consider our efforts far superior to those of the local chain operators. The dough recipe I use is actually from one of my camp cooking books, Australian Bush Cooking - and we thought we should finally attempt to make pizza in the camp oven.  We hadn't been camping for a while and a few improvisations were necessary.  I had neglected to bring a mixing bowl, so mixed the dough on a plastic bag atop the table.  As you can see, the olive oil spray can made a fine rolling pin - and one of our enamel plates was put into service as a "pizza pan"!

It was a very successful experiment - Vaughan declared the end result even better than those we make at home, which is high praise indeed! (The added benefit of camp oven pizza is that we don't set off the smoke alarm)!


  1. Shows that you don't need fancy equipment to get a fancy lunch. I prefer our pizza to the shop bought ones too. Bit more work but much more taste.


  2. Thanks, Barb - they really worked out so well, I wondered why I had taken so long to test the theory. Sometimes I over-think things. Am sure they will become a regular on the camping menu plan!