Sunday, 19 August 2012

Whitegum Lookout

It was a beautiful walk ...
When I read the blurb about Whitegum Lookout I was taken with the idea of sitting overlooking the Warrumbungles, sipping my tea and nibbling a biscuit.

So strong was my desire to enjoy "a little something" from atop the lookout that I insisted we pack (ie. cart from home to the Warrumbungles) our trusty trolley for transporting thermos and morning/afternoon tea provisions from the carpark to the lookout!  Sadly my beautiful plan didn't pan out the way I wanted.  Our trolley stayed at camp, along with our beverage case and thermos.  It was probably for the best.  As soon as we arrived at the top, Vaughan wanted to return to the bottom - but that's life and the view was gorgeous regardless!

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