Monday, 6 August 2012

Air we go again!

Our tent needed airing (and some minor repairs)
Although Nick works long shifts in a job that can be quite demanding, every so often his roster yields a break of five or six consecutive days.

We are not always best-placed to take advantage of these potential holidays but sometimes we decide to go anyway - as we will in a couple of weeks time.  August is not necessarily great camping weather due to the cold temperatures but on the bright side the campground shouldn't be over-run with campers!  Well, that's our logic!

Our last camping adventure was to Lightning Ridge last September (on another of these roster breaks) and our tent has been packed since.  We put it up over the weekend, to air out.  Nick spotted a couple of things that needed minor repair - a broken clip on the tent fly and a broken cord inside one of the tent poles - so attended to those before packing everything away again.  (At this stage, Erin is still not sure whether she is coming with us so we haven't yet checked her tent).

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