Monday, 20 August 2012

Swan song!

Wheely good lunch!
I had insisted on lugging our picnic trolley all the way from home to the Warrumbungle National Park, with visions of having "a little something" atop the Whitegum Lookout.

As that plan had fallen by the wayside, I chose a picnic spot a little way from one of the zoo carparks - to justify using the trolley!  We enjoyed lunch near the Siamang Ape island, which is one of our favourite exhibits.  The small family were snuggling together and it was interesting to see how much the baby had grown since our last visit.

Vaughan often befriends black swans
As soon as we arrived at the picnic area, this swan made his way out of the water and over to us.

There was huge amusement as h/she deliberately pecked fingers before taking any offered tidbits! While Nick and I were looking at the Apes, Vaughan and the swan shared most of a packet of (cheap!) wafer biscuits.  When we turned round, Vaughan was offering up my shortbread also but I decided he and the swan had eaten more than enough of our "sometimes food"!  (The swan was not at all pleased by my decision and hissed loudly when shooed away)!

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