Saturday, 11 August 2012

Road Reading Write-up!

No, it didn't bore him to sleep!
I can remember staying up far, far too late the night before our Lightning Ridge departure last year - scouring the net for non-electronic travel games and entertainment.

I found some great (free!) resources and wrote a short post here.

We are planning another adventure and as much as I should be packing I am feeling somewhat daunted by all that needs to be done, hence I am again surfing the net for a few more good ideas to keep our Young Master entertained during the 444km trip!

This neat freebie is something I have printed off and will keep in my trusty display book (which generally holds the current camping menu plan, my address list and an abbreviated budget print-off - among other things).

In the pic above you can see Vaughan's travel display book, which held some printed games, word searches and so on.

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