Thursday, 16 August 2012

School's in - but out!

There was lots to look at in the Visitor Centre!
Vaughan and I have been "doing school" at home since mid-February.  This arrangement was formalised in May, so our lessons are now overseen by Sydney Distance Education Primary School.

We met Vaughan's teacher in July, who OK-ed us for camping and other adventures when Nick's work allows. Our Warrumbungle National Park trip was the first time we had tested the endorsement though and I wasn't entirely sure how everything should work.  Vaughan and I did our usual school activities the first morning (sitting by the fire with kangaroos grazing nearby and various birds flitting past or scavenging near us).

We packed up at recess and then we all spent quite an extended period exploring the many static displays at the Warrumbungle Visitor Centre.

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