Monday, 20 August 2012

-4 degrees!

When zoomed it reads -6.5 degrees!
When Nick first got up (around 5:30am) the temperature was -4 degrees!  Vaughan and I looked at each other and repeated -4 degrees loudly, a number of times - then snuggled further under the blankets!

Nick stayed up to light the fire and when he came back inside the tent, he brought the camera to verify that the temperature had dropped still further.  I didn't think my eyes were working properly so cleaned my glasses and looked again.  The thermometer read -6 degrees!!

As much as I wanted to stay in bed, I needed to get up so put on my snow jacket atop my other layers.  We huddled around the fire for breakfast and then continued with the packing afterward. 

That is, Nick and I continued with the packing and Vaughan stayed by the fire - assisting with missions that didn't require moving from the warmth!

Our shorts-wearing neighbour had headed home a few days prior but I wondered whether he would have still worn shorts that morning!

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