Friday, 17 August 2012


The lamb baa-ed back, cos we sounded so sheepish!
After breakfast we thawed out a bit more and then took a tub of washing up over to the camp kitchen.  Vaughan rode his bike over and was happily engaged stalking emus and a feral cat, while Nick and I dealt with the dishes.

Once a few more of the mundane tasks were done, we headed out the Baradine side of the Warrumbungles -  where Nick and Vaughan had been the previous afternoon on their search for fire-wood.  The difference in countryside was marked.  It was a beautiful drive along a dirt road and I was too busy enjoying the scenery to take photos!

Vaughan asked questions about the stock grids, so we stopped at one to show him what they looked like, up close.  We could hear a lamb and it responded when we called.  Before long, we spotted it - seemingly alone by the fence with no mother in sight.  We weren't sure if this was normal behaviour for sheep, so visited the nearest farm house to alert them to the lone lamb.  No-one was home though, so we pressed on to Baradine and hoped that all was under control.

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