Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Would wood?!

As usual, we had researched our destination in the lead-up to departure. 

There were fireplaces at the campground but no wood collection within the National Park.  Nick had packed the chainsaw, so when we spotted this deadfall beside the road, we stopped to take advantage of free firewood!

Some reshuffling was needed to make space for our collection but the effort was worth at least $20-30 (many farmers along the road into the Warrumbungles sold bags of firewood for $10-15 each).  Nick had cut the logs fairly long with thoughts of cutting again once at camp.  However there was a notice stating that use of chainsaws within the park would incur a (hefty) fine, so we used the wood as it was!

We spoke to the ranger the day after arrival and seemingly collection of roadside wood within the Warrumbungle Shire was also forbidden, so Nick and Vaughan went out on another occasion to see what they could find in the nearby Gilgandra council area (saving another $30-40).  It was an interesting learning experience.  We often camp in the Watagans where firewood is easily collected and plentiful as our preferred camping area is within the State Forestry boundaries.

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