Sunday, 19 August 2012

Try, try again ...

Look!  Our 50c hotplates in operation!
Given the success of my overnight camp oven creamed rice cooking experiment at home, I tried a variation on the method in our larger camp oven.

I halved my usual recipe and put the mixture into a pudding bowl with lid - and then into our larger camp oven.  It barely fit into the provided fireplace though and we weren't able to completely cover it with coals - that fact combined with the very cold overnight temperatures meant the rice was still uncooked in the morning.  I was somewhat disappointed but decided to make another attempt, using the thermal cooker.

As the rice was already in the pudding bowl, I tried the method of thermal-cooking puddings.  There didn't seem much action by lunchtime, though I may have been too impatient.  In any case, I consulted my selection of printed thermal-cooker recipes and used the recommended method of cooking the creamed rice in the top pot.  It worked brilliantly, so Nick and I enjoyed it for dessert with tinned peaches, after our excellent camp oven pizzas!  (Definitely a case of third time lucky)!

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