Friday, 17 August 2012

Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre

The Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre is located in the main street of Baradine - and was hard to miss!  It was a lovely building with two recycled metal emu sculptures near the entrance.  Inside were many interactive displays and we browsed for a while before chatting with the National Parks ranger on duty, to check our planned itinerary.

There is a National Parks office across the highway from home.  It is a new building with various metal structures along the pathway leading to the front door.  I watched it being built and kept meaning to visit, thinking for sure that all the effort would have resulted in a visitor centre with informative displays etc.  I was quite disappointed when I finally called in.  The front door leads into a small foyer/reception area with a glass window, through which you can speak with the staff.  There are a couple of brochures and not much else!

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