Saturday, 18 August 2012

Yaama! Sandstone Caves

The Sandstone Caves had been recommended to us by the National Parks ranger at the Warrumbungle Visitor Centre, the day after our arrival - and we were very glad that we listened to her advice. 

The scope of the caves was far greater than I had imagined.  A 1.7km track circled the large sandstone hilltop and there were caves all around, of varying sizes - smaller caves at the start of the walk and then much larger on the side.

Two caves had been caged off to prevent further damage to the rock art and grinding grooves within - and we assumed the lack of facilities was to discourage similar vandalism.

There were many small birds in the area, so we stood to listen to their calls and observe their activity.  As we watched, some of them darted into small holes in the sandstone, confirming our theory that something lived in there! 

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