Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Layer upon layer!

I was determined not to be cold!
Once I had the floor done, Nick brought in our beds so that I could make them also.

You might be able to see in the pic below that Vaughan's bed has a (green) fleece cover over the air mattress, which then slides into the cover that joins it to bed legs.

The fleece cover works well to cut some of the cold from the plastic mattress but I still haven't made one for our larger bed - so improvise a little differently.  I took a piece of fleece and lay that over the bed, followed by a mattress protector, woolen blanket and wool underblanket.  (Yes, it's very much like the Princess and the Pea fairytale)! 

We expected cold nights!
The silver layer you can see in the smaller pic above was marketed as a non-powered alternative to an electric blanket.

It is the same material as an emergency blanket, with a thin foam backing.  I am not convinced it entirely lives up to it's spiel but included it just in case!

Our bed's final layers were good-quality flannelette sheets and two king-sized woolen doonas. Vaughan's bed had the inner mattress cover, a quilted fabric layer, mattress protector and length of rubber-backed curtain material under his bottom sheet.  He had two wool blankets, a doubled polar fleece blanket and sleeping bag on top - and his usual stuffed toy collection for added warmth!

Another first was hot water bottles, specially purchased for the trip.  I re-used their water each night and was super-impressed with how cosy our beds were!

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