Sunday, 19 August 2012

Slippery thieves?!

When we returned to camp from our hillside walk, I spotted the olive oil spread container down by the firewood, quite a way from the table where it was (unintentionally) left.

I asked Vaughan what he had been doing with it and he claimed innocence, which was soon verified by the many peck-marks at the bottom on the container! I'm sorry I missed seeing the bird(s) that carried it off!  Our money is on the White-winged Choughs, related to the Apostle Birds but definitely the boss-gang of all our bird visitors.

We were visited by various birds during our stay.  As well as the spread, they raided our bread - and anything left unattended!  The usual "suspects" were Apostle Birds, Currawongs and the White-winged Choughs but Kookaburras kept an eye on us too, though preferred their bread and spread together - preferably with cold meat in between!

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