Sunday, 19 August 2012

Shower Power

I showered while Nick tackled most of the dishes
I am not one for faffing about with hair-dryers and the like, so when I originally spotted a power point in the shower block I didn't think it was all that useful.

As the shower cubicles were somewhat open to the elements, we generally used them in the late afternoon before the temperature cooled too much.  We were fairly busy on our last day though, so took our shower gear over to the amenities block at the same time as taking the tub of dishes.  It had occurred to me during the day that we could take our fan heaters too!  Given the openess of the cubicle (and shower block generally), my small heater had little impact overall but it did help my toes thaw out after their contact with the stainless steel floor - and there was some psychological benefit, I'm sure!

You might note the instructions for showering in the pic above.  It did feel a bit space-age to turn the water on by sensor, which caused a fair amount of amusement!  Being blasted with cold water (when the previous occupant had NOT turned off the taps at the end of their shower) was far less amusing!

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