Friday, 3 January 2014

Thumping good value!

Our Thumper arrived today! The courier delivered it right to the front door and carried the main box, all 36-plus kilos of it, under cover. I was impressed that a) it had arrived so soon after our online purchase; b) that the courier had actually delivered it without any rigmarole (several companies have said our house doesn't exist!); and c) that I didn't have to lug the heavy box!

What's a Thumper?!  It's a you-beaut portable dual-battery system. I reckon it sounds like a cross between Bambi's companion and the Energiser Bunny!

"Thumper is the perfect option for those who either have no space for a traditional dual battery system or would like to have the freedom of a portable system that can be easily seperated from the vehicle with a massive jumpstarting capability. Most commonly used for powering 12 volt refrigerators & lighting the applications stretch only as far as your imagination."

Elmer does have a dual battery system but it hasn't lived up to our expectations - and needed some modification/repair.  In light of those issues, Nick had been looking at alternative systems and was almost set to buy an Ark battery pack during one of the major camping store sales.  Fortunately for us he decided to undertake some further investigation.

Nick's fine research meant we bought our Thumper (including bonus lighting pack) at the best possible price, via the manufacturer's eBay listing.  We bought at auction, so paid $200.00 less than the buy-it-now price - and received an extra $550.00 worth of product for our investment!  Yes, we are very happy campers!

The main feature of the Thumper is that will be fully charged in two-hours while driving - and can be charged while fridges etc are plugged in (unlike other systems). The batteries don't have to be fully discharged before charging, which is another bonus.  In time we can buy solar panels to feed into the battery when we are camped.

Another feature is that by using an inverter, normal 240-volt appliances can be powered by the Thumper.  We already had an inverter and used it this afternoon to run my sewing machine, as a test.   Given Elmer is in need of a new battery, we could try the Thumper's jump-starting capability tomorrow - just for fun!  

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