Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Best of the Rest-stops ...

The standard of roadside rest areas varies greatly - as do the associated public toilets.  The Burrawan State Forest loo sticks in our memory even now as one of the worst.  (Yes, it was of the non-flushing variety but we know from our Kwiambal National Park experience that's no excuse)!

We stopped at Burrawan on the way to Nambucca Heads in January 2010. I walked in and straight back out again, determined to wait for a better alternative but sadly my bladder lacked that same determination!   Another traveller described it as "hard core, dude"!  Yep, that was accurate!

In contrast, we were quite impressed by the Calder Woodburn rest area.  The generous shaded parking was very welcome in the heat - and the buildings were definitely far more aesthetically pleasing than the usual block-like structures, though some cleaning was definitely warranted.

The round cubicles had huge stainless steel doors, which required a great deal of oomph to manoeuvre.  I exerted force to exit mine and laughed when Nissa stumbled out after doing the same.  A fellow traveller was struggling to shut her door, so I offered to thump it closed and she was happy to accept assistance!

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