Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cute family!

Our main reason for visiting Wagga was to spend time with family. Between socialising, keeping cool and floating down the river, we didn't get around to much else!

We were away four nights, which gave us a good test of our new equipment. The Thumper worked wonderfully in transit but struggled to maintain both fridges while stationary, so Elmer was run periodically through the day/night to compensate. Temps were around 42 degrees though and one fridge was discovered to have a dodgy seal (which resulted in it running constantly, drawing far more power than usual). The seal will be replaced now that we are home again. Solar panels (to work with the Thumper while camped) are high on the wish-list and will be acquired when finances allow.

Our laptop was purchased prior to relocating, so hadn't been camping before.  It was packed hurriedly (because I wasn't sure I should take it), so wasn't fully charged on first use at camp.  That's something we can improve on next time.  Our Wi-Fi gadget worked well, though night-time visitors dancing on the keyboard interfered with photo editing/internet access!  Those same visitors helped themselves to raisin toast and climbed all over our tables, chairs and gazebos!  Lucky they are cute!

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