Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Shelving the Thumper!

Nick's been busy today, doing the necessary wiring for our Thumper - and installing a shelf in Elmer's rear compartment for the Thumper and our fridges to sit upon. 

The larger tent will slide under the shelf, so as to be easily accessible when we pull into a camp site.

It is intended that the Thumper remain in Elmer, strapped into position against the cargo barrier.

Nick cut a small section from the mesh, so terminals may be accessed from the cabin side of the barrier, which will enable various accessories to charge while in transit.

As much as we would like proper fridge slides for both Engels, the cost ($250 and upwards each) is a sticking point.

As a cheap fix, Nick is trialling a very basic system where the fridge sits upon a base of ply, which seems to slide fairly well over the shelf.

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