Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fueling up ...

Soon after buying our trailer (in December 2009), Nick set about modifying it. 

One of the first things he built was a small storage box

The box has housed various equipment since, on the road and at Hamby Home(in)stead.

Elmer has two fuel tanks.  The main holds 95 litres and we can carry a further 50 litres in his second tank.  A long-range fuel tank will hold 166 litres.  At $1,000+ it (like many things), remains on the wishlist! 

In the meantime, we'll make-do with four 20-litre jerry-cans.  They will just fit in the small storage box.  We won't need them for our impending short-trip but they'll definitely be used for our next Yowah adventure.  (If there is no fuel at Yowah, it is a 65km drive to Eulo).

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