Friday, 3 January 2014

Blast from the past: The Princess!

I mentioned in an earlier post (when discussing our plans for an extended Yowah stay) that Vaughan will be celebrating his 9th birthday there - as I did many years ago!

Mum very kindly hunted through the extensive slide archives and battled with technology to scan these shots of me wearing the fondly-remembered birthday crown. In my memory it was far more splendid and golden - and less like the wallpaper that Nick has likened it to!  (We do have some vintage golden wallpaper, so perhaps I could fashion Vaughan a 9th birthday crown and take some similar celebratory photos in March)!

These photos were taken on my younger brother's birthday (eleven days after mine), hence he is holding his cards. I distinctly remember him making the one on the left as part of our correspondence school work, using aluminium foil for the number 7 and cutting a little Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck graphic from our small collection of heavily-clipped magazines. It seems from other photos that he may have received a mining pick as a birthday gift. I expect Vaughan would be just as happy with one of those!

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