Friday, 24 January 2014

Matting up!

Our interlocking camping mats travel on Elmer's roof, laid out to cover the area of his roof-rack.

They are bulky and a bit of a fiddle to pack, so before leaving home Nick queried whether they were necessary for the trip.  We were very glad of them on-site though as they provided clean, comfortable flooring and prevented a lot of dry grass, dirt and other muck from entering the tents.

It's always interesting when packing up to discover how many creepy-crawlies have been residing under tents and mats.   As well as the two geckoes in the ensuite there were many, many earwigs and a large centipede - as well as a few beetles. 

Some camping mat advice - make a note of where your mats were purchased and buy additional sets from the same place.  Although they look the same, they aren't!  Sizes and interlocking patterns vary, so aren't compatible.  We had around thirty larger, matching mats as gazebo flooring.  The six smaller mats did not match, so were joined three-together to use in front of each tent.

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