Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bedding in the box!

Nick commented that packing for this trip is like starting out all over again. Yep. He's right!

Following the loss of one of our camping chairs en route to our first Ironfest, Nick built a storage box on the front of the trailer before we headed off to Yowah in July 2010.

That box served us well - and is still in use, currently storing a bale of straw near the front door. It can't be moved though for fear it will fall apart!

Nick built a new box today. This one has a side opening door, to make accessing our four chairs and two tables easier.

The body of the box is made from plywood, cut (more or less!) to Nick's measurements by local Bunnings staff.  The mounting blocks are pieces of recycled timber from the previous box and our wonderful "dump shop".  As you can see, at least one used to be part of Megan's bed!

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