Friday, 24 January 2014

Pack-up points!

Departure was just before 11:00am, almost three hours after we commenced packing.

We certainly hadn't been working flat-out though - and I even had time for a shower (with hair-washing) before checking-out.

The quicker pack-up was heartening as we intend to do some travel camping soon.  For overnight stays, we would use our larger tent and wouldn't bother with gazebos, mats or ensuite.  If extra shelter were needed, we could use Elmer's awning

Elmer's awning proved very useful during this pack-up - as did Nick's new trailer box.  We still had shade after dismantling the gazebos, which was much appreciated in the heat.  We were also able to use the tables as working areas till the very last moments (because access to their boxed travel compartment was so easy).  Hooray!

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