Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Vaughan's grasshoppers!

The road just outside of Yowah
See how red the dirt is in the pic above?  I love it!  When you look closer there are many sun-burned pebbles on the surface and camouflaged among these are some of the best grasshoppers. 

Well camoflaged "frog" grasshopper!
A more rounded example ...
These rounded, red guys were termed frog grasshoppers because from a distance (because of their fat bodies) we initially thought they were frogs.

Of course, some were more rounded than others and we found many sizes during our stay.

There were other grasshopper varieties too and Vaughan was so taken with all that he designed a trap, fashioned from colourful pipe-cleaners. 

His captives needed a little encouragement to enter but seemed quite comfy once they were in!

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