Saturday, 10 July 2010



Nissa was able to join us for part of our Yowah adventure, which presented a few logistic challenges due to limited and/or expensive transport options. Our resident logistics support officer decided the best method was by rail - so Nissa caught a train from Broadmeadow at 4am, to meet the Dubbo train from Sydney at 7.30am. The last part of the journey was by bus from Dubbo to Bourke (around 5 hours).

Meanwhile, Nick and Erin left Yowah at around 9am for the 390 km drive to Bourke.  They did some shopping while they were there, purchasing a much-appreciated fan heater and some other supplies.  They met Nissa from the bus at 7pm, then all traveled back together and returned to Yowah after midnight.

For the week preceding Nissa's arrival, Vaughan had climbed into our bed each morning with eyes barely open and muttered how many sleeps were remaining till Nissa came! He was hugely excited to see her on her first morning!

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