Monday, 5 July 2010


We stayed at the Artesian Waters Caravan Park, which is built around the Yowah Bore.  (You can see the open-roof bath shed in the background of the pic below, left-hand side).

This shot with Vaughan gives you an idea of how the bore works.  The water travels down the slope to the start of the bore drain, which runs about 26 km in total, becoming increasingly choked with reeds along the way.
In the mornings, steam coming off the water was more evident.  Often there were birds sipping the hot water - not much different to us having an early morning cuppa, trying to thaw out! (It was 0 degrees one morning at 7am)!

The girls found a tortoise nestled in the grass just near the bushes (left-hand side, behind Nissa in the shot above) and we all saw it before it disappeared.  We thought the water would have been far too hot for a tortoise - and perhaps it was.

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