Sunday, 4 July 2010

Byrock to Bourke

When we first got up, the fridges had ice on them too!
We were up super-early on Day 2 - and quite amazed by all the ice on the car!  No wonder it had been so cold inside "the Tinny".  I was showering at 5:30am, wishing I had been clever like Erin and used the amenities block the previous afternoon.  There was plenty of hot water - it was getting out, dried and dressed (while hopping on the very cold concrete) that was the real issue.

It was exactly 6:00am when we left Byrock.  All was very dark - and the trees looked white in our new super-bright headlights. We watched the sun rise as we headed up to Bourke.  There was so much sky to admire!

On the road to Bourke ...

There was a geocache just before Bourke, so we stopped there briefly to record our find (and take photographic evidence).  The air was very crisp and several huge flocks of galahs flew overhead.

We spotted a small goat wandering about near here!

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