Saturday, 3 July 2010

"the Tinny"

Straight stretch of road, between Nevertire and Byrock
I wanted to use this pic for our blog background but haven't managed to do that successfully yet.  The background I chose is one of the pre-loaded options and the closest I could get to the wonderful road/sky views we saw during our two-day drive to and from Yowah.

We saw lots of birds along the way from Nevertire to Byrock - and two quite large feral cats, right beside the road.  We arrived at Byrock around 4.30 pm, just after Vaughan fell asleep!  Our accommodation for the night was in "the tinny" and for a short time we wondered if we would be sleeping in some kind of boat!

"the Tinny" - our overnight accommodation
Erin was sensible and had a shower soon after arrival.  She and I explored a little (while Nick changed the trailer tyre).  We found a trailer-full of ferrets behind the hotel building!  Peter, the hotel owner, was breeding them with a view to holding an annual ferret racing event.  The first ferret race had gone well, a few weeks prior to our visit and we caught a glimpse of the champion.

Peter might be on a winner with his ferret racing idea.  After all, Bylong seemed to be thriving on the day of it's mouse races!

We spent some time in front of the pub, round a 44 gallon drum fire.  A man was visiting from Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.  His grandmother, Annie, had been the Byrock Railway Station gate-keeper for 25 years till 1915.  He and his wife were visiting the area with another family member to see where Annie had lived and read more of the town's history. 

It was rather pleasant at the pub, so we dined in their restaurant and checked the various photos and medals of WW1 servicemen from the area.  We ate our dessert outside by the fire and under the stars before heading back to "the Tinny".  By that late stage, it seemed far too cold for a shower so we huddled in bed with the heater and air conditioner blasting.  At some point during the night, we were far too hot so turned off all heating devices.  Later still, Nick's leg cramped severely in the cold!

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