Saturday, 10 July 2010

Birds of Yowah

These guys are Apostle Birds - so called because allegedly they are generally found in groups of 12.

(I have made a point of counting them since reading the reasoning for their name and so far haven't found any groups of 12)!

As you can see, they are not backward in coming forward!

Although not the prettiest of birds (sometimes even described as "scruffy"), they have long been one of my favourites and it was fun to watch Vaughan enjoying them.

It seemed to us the Blue-faced Honeyeater ate anything but honey!

He was often on top of our gazebo and more frequently under it; tasting various food, with olive oil spread a favourite!

We were given a bird list for Yowah (compiled in 2007) with 160+ varieties that had been spotted.

We positively identified 41, so ticked them off and hope to see more next trip (as well as identify a few more doubtfuls)!

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