Sunday, 18 July 2010

Opal Festival

It is a sign of our attention to the various market stalls and displays that there are very few pics of the actual Opal Festival.  (I should add that Vaughan did not share our interest and started asking why everyone was so impressed with opal.  The question was posed to all, including the stall-holders and opal fanciers)!

I had been told prior to the Festival that I had an eye for good opal; which generally translates to liking the more expensive pieces or (as often was the case) those that weren't for sale!  Neil was very happy to sell us this piece though - one that he had mined at Koroit.

Linda then set it for us as a rushed job, given we were departing the next morning.  (After that, Nick put it away till August as my "double 21st" birthday present)!

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