Wednesday, 7 July 2010

By the fireside

Vaughan busy creating custom-coloured dirt!
It was the first time we had camped at a powered site and while there were some benefits - ie. a small fan heater post-Bourke/after Nissa's arrival - we existed pretty much as normal. 

Being a family of fire-bugs, we still used the open fire for cooking much of the time.

Note the Lithgow Ironfest poker in use!
Pikelets are a family favourite for breakfast and these turned out perfectly, cooked over a heap of coals.

We have tried them over the fire on other occasions but never as successfully as this batch.

Vaughan enjoyed his liberally drizzled in golden syrup!

Enjoying the evening fire with our lovely neighbours
Of course, sitting around a fire is always pleasant and the warmth was particularly appreciated of an evening  - by us and our neighbours!

(I read bedtime stories to Vaughan in our tent and we huddled together - so cold away from the fire)!

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