Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bound for Byrock

Departing home - new super bright headlights!
We were up early on the morning of departure to finish the last dregs of the packing but even so, we were heading down the driveway at a little before 6:30am well-chuffed with our efforts (and the fact that there were still a few stars in the sky)!

In order to streamline departure, we elected to breakfast en route and had a very cold break at Jerry's Plains under the watchful eye of a huge roo - with a mother and baby magpie singing to say please (according to Vaughan) for their share of crunchy nut cornflakes!

The breakfast crew
We were back on the road fairly quickly, partly due to the cold but more because we were quite conscious that we had achieved very little of our intended 700 km.  As an aside, soon after leaving Jerry's Plains there was a crow flying along the road in front of us so we were truly traveling "as the crow flies"!

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