Monday, 5 July 2010


The rustic (and roofless) bath house!
I remembered the bath house fondly from my last Yowah visit - and this trip came prepared with bubble bath and bath pillow!  I had intended to bring candles too, partly because there is no lighting but more for ambiance.  The baths themselves are a bit cracked and stained (presumably from the bore water), so bathing in the dark has its advantages!

Hot water is pumped straight from the bore and although it was a bit nippy between the water and getting dressed, laying back star-gazing while bathing was bliss!  Daytime bathing was pretty neat too - watching the birds overhead and the clouds drift past. I had a headache that lasted throughout one of our first days, so spent a couple of hours dozing in the bath and opened my eyes at one point to meet the inquisitive gaze of a blue-faced honey-eater!

Funny story:   Geoff (fellow camper) and I were singing the praises of the bath house to a newly arrived caravanner.  The lady asked for directions and we explained where the baths were, using the bore head as a point of reference.  She looked somewhat puzzled and then asked whether she should lift the mesh and hop in.  It took a moment for us to realise that she was thinking of bathing in the bore head itself!! 

(Refer to previous post for explanatory pics and refresher of the water temp)!

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